09 December 2009

Something else to think about...

...the next time you're sitting there in Emerg for 7 hours...

Yesterday, dozens of people, most of them Somali-Canadian women from Etobicoke, staged a sit-in at the social services offices in Metro Hall downtown, demanding their special diet allowances.
Yeah, yeah... I know what you're thinking... big deal, how much can this thing amount to?
The province spent $67-million on special dietary allowances in the 2008-09 fiscal year, up from $5-million in 2002-03.
Thank you Dalton McSlippery.



kursk said...

A $62 million dollar increase in under a decade.How many Foreigners with special diets are we bringing into this damn country anyhow?

Neo Conservative said...

if you read the article, this seems to be more of a welfare thing... than a foreigner thing.

the somali protest though... certainly speaks to a sense of entitlement my generation and i daresay my parents generation would not have known.

regardless... whatever criteria this program was supposed to abide by are not being followed... and 60 million taxpayer dollars have apparently gone down the tubes.

just another example of the egregious waste in dalton mcslippery's socialist paradise.


langmann said...

I have signed two special diet orders during the last few years. Each one was appropriate, ie: celiac disease.

I curse the so called physician colleagues of mine who think they are doing people on welfare a favor by signing these things with no thought to the reality.

These idiots are hurting the patients who really need it because eventually this thing is going to get axed.

In their vain attempt to support their personal social agenda, they are hurting their own patients.

Neo Conservative said...

gotta love those socialist class warriors.