09 December 2009

Stand by for stunning reportage...

...of gravity holding shit down...
I dunno about you... but I flip on tv news to hear about stuff I can't find out... by walking over to the nearest window. How is it these dumbsticks don't realise winter is a season, not a feature story?

And little Amy making Christmas decorations down at the Eaton Center? Also not news.

No wonder local tv & print media are going down the crapper.



Anonymous said...

I know you're glad you don't live in Toronto, but today would have put you into an even fouler mood if you did: my normal 45 minute commute (all by subway) took 2.5 hours. I guess the TTC finds it hard to prepare for a whopping 1 CM of snow given only 8 months prep.

Then again, the media were perfect: a combination of Armageddon, "man on the street" interviews and hilarious block by block "reporting" of driving conditions.

Oh well, it at least dropped Tiger off the front page...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... Oh well, it at least dropped Tiger off the front page"

spoiled millionaire sticks his dick in anything that moves... also not news.


maryT said...

Now there is news of a love child. Who didn't know that was coming.
Too bad that storm didn't hit while some idiots were on a roof in Ottawa and stranded them there.
But, with the curling on TSN, haven't kept up with the news.
Oh, I did hear that As the World Turns is going off the air. Didn't know it was still on.

Neo Conservative said...

the thing is... there are all sorts of clueless little e-talk clucks who eat this kinda stuff up...

"The 'motor' makes the brush vibrate, to better separate the lashes right to the roots. Makes for a less clumpy application.
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 2:53 PM, December 07, 2009

nice eyes, libby... shame about the brain.


Rob Budde said...

Yeah, I am so tired of bad news reporting, filled with fluff and inane nothingness. It is alternately shallow and sensationalist. Nothing with depth or thought. General dumbing down.

Anybody know of any independent news outlets they like and support. Preferably not way right but whatever.

langmann said...

Dude, these are the same people who will interview a naive high school girl attending the Copenhagen Conference for 30 minutes asking her scientific opinion on anthropogenic global warming - and listen to her rapture on how "cool" (the irony of words) the science is.

Yet McKitrik and Macintyre, among other numerous Canadian experts in their own backyard are ignored.

The dog and the tail both wag each other man.

Neo Conservative said...

info-tainment... with a side order of socialism... the new normal.