30 December 2009

In other "crime is down" news

Try imagine the horrified outrage... if Toronto Police had fatally tasered 62 people in 2009...

A young man was found shot to death in the street outside a west Toronto pizza shop on Tuesday night.

A TTC driver led emergency crews to the scene, on Gilmour Ave. in the Dundas St.-Runnymede Rd. area, shortly before 10 p.m.

The victim has not been identified and police are looking for two suspects.

It is the city's 62nd murder of 2009.

UPDATE: Who's zoomin' who?
The deceased was identified as Kenneth Mark of Toronto.
And guess what he was murdered for...
A 29-year-old man shot in the back of the head in the Junction last night may have been targeted because he was a police community liaison, investigators said today.

Kenneth Mark was found on Gilmour Avenue just north of Dundas Street West; he had stopped for pizza en route to a nearby Wal-Mart, where he was night manager. Police said he was wearing headphones and likely didn’t hear anyone as he was approached from behind.

Paramedics performed CPR for 20 minutes before taking him to hospital, where he later died.

‘‘He was the salt of the earth,’’ said Detective Hank Idsinga, the homicide officer in charge of the investigation, who said Mr. Mark had no criminal record and had done ‘‘some community work,’’ for police in the neighbourhood.

Mr. Mark has reportedly recently stopped some young men from entering a nearby housing complex with a gun, which investigators say may have been the motive behind the shooting.

Witnesses have described two suspects — both black men in their 20s wearing dark clothing.


rob said...

You're right. If the police had killed as many people as were actually murdered in the entire city this year, there would rightfully be quite a bit of outrage. However, I can't imagine what political point of yours that hypothetical could possibly support.

Neo Conservative said...

"rob also says... I am currently working on my thesis for my Master of Laws, which is focused on hate speech and Human Rights Commissions. Since this is currently consuming my life, do not be surprised if most of my posts relate to this topic."

really rob... you can't fathom, er... "imagine" what the point is here?

or is this just another simplistic, all too predictable sarcastic troll?

here's a hint... think hypocrisy.


rob said...

I didn't say that I couldn't imagine what you thought this hypothetical supported. That was fairly predictable. What I said was that I couldn't imagine what political point of yours that the hypothetical could support. By that I meant in actuality. I should have been more clear.

Your argument is based upon a false equivalency between killing in general, and the killing of citizens by the very police who have sworn to protect them. I don't think you've made a successful argument.

On a side note, if you're one of those bloggers who thinks that anyone disagreeing with them is a troll, then I'll just move along. I don't think of my blog as an echo chamber, and would be really disappointed if the only people who posted comments were those who agreed with me. I know that some bloggers believe the opposite though, and I certainly won't trouble you with comments on your blog if you're one of those.

Neo Conservative said...

well, rob... i think you're missing the point here.

why is it, that every time there is a police-involved shooting... the msm & the leftosphere invariably rise up screaming about police brutality and racism... yet consistently downplay the carnage among the non-cop demographic... ascribing, without fail, said violence to root causes, or some such malarkey?

as for your "focus on hate speech & the chrc", i suggest you might broaden your outlook by visiting here.

regarding my own policy on comments... well, judge for yourself. i'm afraid i do draw lines about acceptable behaviour...

"Oh fuck off you silly child abusing liar."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 5:52 PM, December 01, 2009

i delete this guy's commentary on a regular basis... does that make this an echo chamber?