22 February 2007

Like OHIP cards... only better

They did such a great job with those new OHIP cards... I'm sure this will work out just fine...
The Ontario government plans to start issuing new "high-security" drivers' licences by the end of the year, the Star has learned.

The government believes it can convince the U.S. to accept the new licences as alternatives to passports, which American lawmakers are saying must be used to cross the border by land as early as next January.
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It has been estimated that there are as many as 18 million OHIP cards in the province, but we only have 12 million citizens.

How much of our health care budget is spent on services provided to people with counterfeit cards. The budget this year is $25.5 billion dollars, a 7.3 % increase over last year.
No wonder McGuinty lied about the "OHIP tax."

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