21 December 2009

The compassionate, intellectual left

Ever wonder what these guys do when they're not out at 2:00 am spray-painting marxist tripe on walls in dirty downtown alleys?


FROM THE COMMENTS: Blessed are the Peacemakers

"Readers of The Nexus may recall that, a few days ago, Robert Peter John Day issued a challenge to Steve Janke."

"The idea was that Day and Janke would meet in 'a parkade or abandoned warehouse' for a no-holds-barred fist fight."
Good grief.


Anonymous said...

They just don't learn eh?
Evidence of brain damage?
They ever hear of slander?

Rose said...

Ah yes the tolerance and diversity crowd compiling a list of people they deem "Crazy", leave it to the freakshow on the left to make fun of people suffering from mental health issues.

The tolerance and diversity crowd keep showing their true colors. Anon you have a point calling someone crazy can be construed as slander.

mahmood said...

Sure, we could sit here all week, if need be, and giggle acting superior analyzing and nominating the Old Hag Hippy on how many abortions she's had and how it's affected her brain or Day's psychosis, or Dawg's loonacy or Balbull's bullshit, or Stooge's Karl Marx hard-on, or Ti-Guy's puerile hate rants, or the various Zorpheous sockpuppets but why bother, watching these folk do their thing is, I imagine, like watching the last Dodo bird being clubbed to death...well, it was an ugly bird.

Neo Conservative said...

well, it's certainly a convincing argument against the old saw that... "smoking dope makes you smarter".

i sure hope peace moonbeam & the stooge never have any offspring... that'd just be too scary.


mahmood said...

I think we're safe neo, moonbeam would abort it.

Rose said...

I read an interesting medical study on the effects on the brain from smoking pot, apparently the damage you do as a youth can't be undone. So all those stoners who appeared really stupid in high school become even dumber as adults. Maybe that's why they are angry all the time?

Dr.Dawg said...

You guys are making it very hard to decide.

langmann said...

Ack neo, I'm never going to get back the brain cells sucked out by the all the stupidity collected in one group on that site.

And here's Dawg trying to spread some of it over here...

beachnut said...

Well.. the bright side..
Merry Christmas to you & yours, Neo.
I asked Santa for a 20 gauge shotgun again this year, but if I don't get it this time, then I know he's not real.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... And here's Dawg trying to spread some of it over here"

deputy dawg ain't shy... he'll "share the madness" with just about anybody.


Patrick Ross said...

I just nominated JJ herself, and Antonia Zerbisias.

Which I expect JJ to respond quite well to.

Patrick Ross said...

Oh, and by the way, Libby seems to be too scared to actually step in here and offer his ill-conceived mockery in person these days.

You didn't do or say anything to intimidate him did you, Neo? I just think it would be funny considering that he's the one fantasizing about perpetrating gun violence against other people.

Oddly enough, they scare so easily.

Anonymous said...

Ah Neo, you're not clever enough to be crazy. You're more the dull predictable type.

Neo Conservative said...

ah, yes... the wisdom of anonymous trolls. if only i could be as smart & witty as all the dumbsticks who scramble after me here in the comments... like yappy little dogs.

merry xmas, bobby.

and hey, patrick... cc decided to take a pass (main post updated) on your offer? what a surprise.

one of my previous readers summed the cynic up quite succinctly after he was publicly outed... "tubby bitch, bad haircut".

kinda says it all.


stageleft said...

Awh... you noticed -- I'm touched neo, truly, I am.

Patrick Ross said...


To be honest with you, Neo, at first I was kind of perplexed.

A few short days ago, Robbie was a fightin' machine. Now he's shitting his pants at the notion of a fight.

And then I thought back to the whole "no rules" stipulation, and it dawned on me why he thought he needed that so badly. And now I'm kind of torn.

I mean, if I let him bring his cane into the fight, he might hit me with it. But if I don't, he won't be able to stay on his feet.

I guess this is one of those reasons why the elderly shouldn't be challenging people to fight them. They just might get their wish.

Neo Conservative said...

"stoogeleft says... you noticed -- I'm touched"

yes stooge, you are... and, believe me... i try to make allowances.

but it's hard.