22 December 2009

Hey, Jacko... you think maybe...

...there might be a reason for that whole separation of Church/State thing?

-- OTTAWA -- The New Democratic Party called Monday for the restoration of $7-million in government funds to KAIROS, a mainstream Christian religious organization.
Call me wacky, my Dipper friends... but how about we consider letting Canadian taxpayers off the hook here?

Maybe this thing could be funded by... I dunno... mainstream Christians?


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"There was the small problem of their website, rife with calls for political war against Israel, and links to groups who lacked KAIROS's Canadian sophistication about how to phrase their bigotry in the soothing tones of diplomatic gibberish."

"About a week ago, one of their more sober friends obviously told them, 'maybe you should lose the kauft nicht bei Juden business'."


wilson said...

Ahhhhh, may this be just one of the many many defunded special interest groups...because we need to reduce the deficit, right!

Admin said...

He Neo,

I'm a 'mainstream Chrisitan' and I fully support the government's decision to cut funding to Kairos.

When I read about who make up Kairo's including the Anti Chrisitian United Church, I realised that Kairos was as far from Christianity as Geroge Smitherman is from Islam.

Neo Conservative said...

"wilson says... because we need to reduce the deficit, right!"

read slower, friend... you missed the bit about separation of church & state... that's all the reason i need.

saving taxpayer dough is just ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Rent seekers! begone! Jack can identify, cause he is hoping they will have a taxpayer funded "Parade" and he and Oliva can put on "costumes" and join in the fun, but then Jack thinks globull warming is a fact, we should sent 30 billion to the Likes of Mugabe etc.
Cheers Bubba

Rural and Right said...

I know you are an atheist Neo and many of your readers like myself are Christian.

As far as I know in Canada there is a 'relationship' between Church and State, separation of Church and State is an American concept.

With that said, there is no need for government to give handouts to any charatable group other then the tax free status that is given to religious and non religious charitable organizations. And there is criteria that must be followed to maintian tax free status.

I hardly doubt that KAIROS is made up of mainstream Christians if the NDP's are defending it, I do agree that its members should raise their own money and not ask for forced donations from the taxpayer.

Neo Conservative said...

this one seems to be a no-brainer.

what exactly is the problem with having a mainstream christian religious organization... be funded by mainstream christians?



Anonymous said...

I'm a Christian, neo...and I'm with you. I don't want anymore government interference in my faith.
Besides, Ezra Levant has checked out KAIROS. It walks like a fish and it stinks like a fish....
something stinks about this group.


langmann said...

@ Neo,

About time the government got out of funding everything except the very basics.

Neo Conservative said...

langmann... you're preaching to the choir.

i'm on board.


Anonymous said...

"what exactly is the problem with having a mainstream christian religious organization... be funded by mainstream christians?"

The real ones are.
Kairos ain't "the real ones."

Josephine said...

"Mainstream"... gack!

Those haters don't represent me.

Neo Conservative said...

write your member of parliament... let them know that.