06 June 2007

You don't want an ass-kickin'...

Go pick a fight with France...

Of course I was angry and frustrated because I was unable to shoot down that Mirage. There was a switch in the cockpit that changed the armament from rockets to guns, but I had not been trained for that particular modification.
Yup... I can see the Russian flight instructors not wanting to get into any weapons training with these mopes. Let's remember we're talking about people who think automatic weapons should be fired straight up into the air at family celebrations.
The air force felt very angry and humiliated by this war. Once, during the war, two of my fellow officers had to stop me banging my head repeatedly against a pair of concrete pillars at our air base.
And that's pretty much everything you need to know about Arabs and the military.

The only surprise here is that they don't call it the "Six Minute War."

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Anonymous said...

Probably nobody cares too much about defending these arab dictatorships that live off oil or welfare, so you end up with a bunch of losers in the army.