30 January 2007

Do you know someone with cancer?

I have, on more than one occasion, used the phrase "heads up their ass", regarding the Liberals marked tendency to make decisions based on optics and polls, rather than the greater good.

I have also railed at the waste and stupidity of the Lib-sponsored, "Farmer Bob Rifle Registry."

Interestingly enough, and forgive me if you've heard this before, the convergence of these two sentiments has a tie-in to an alarming medical statistic...

Colorectal cancer – the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Canada and the United States – accounts for 10 per cent of all cancer deaths. In 2006, an estimated 20,000 Canadians were diagnosed with colorectal cancer, which kills about 8,500 a year.
On the one hand we have the "black hole" waste of spending over a billion dollars and counting... to register the rifles (not handguns, mind you, which have required registration since the 1930's) of farmers, deer hunters and gun collectors.

This program has, to date, done absolutely nothing about crime, criminals or illegal use of firearms.

On the other hand we have 8,500 Canadians who die every year, from just one of the many forms of cancer.

Just think what a billion dollars could have done, for example, in the fight against cancer... instead of being used in a crass, opportunistic Liberal publicity stunt.

Let's take a real look at saving lives.

What do the experts say?
OTTAWA -- Experts from the frontlines of the fight against organized crime gave their support yesterday to the controversial Conservative bill to toughen sentences for people who commit crimes with guns.

"It is difficult to see this legislation as extreme," said Randall Richmond, a Quebec prosecutor who specializes in organized crime cases. "I believe it is a way of attacking a growing problem, i.e. the use of firearms."

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Anonymous said...

When you referred to "politics as usual" and billion dollars I thought you were going to lambaste HArper for spending a billion on the environment for a problem he says doesn't exist. In other words he is just spending the green bucks for his own political advantage.

What a loser. You can have him.

Neo Conservative said...

Unlike Dr. Did Little... who has covered himself in roses...

One ad features Mr. Ignatieff criticizing Mr. Dion on the party's environmental record during a Liberal leadership debate. “We didn't get it done,” Mr. Ignatieff says.

Ken Dryden, another former leadership rival, adds: “What stopped us? Why didn't we do better?”

The ad concludes by saying: “The Liberals had 13 years to get it done.

Let's not go back