13 June 2007

Meanwhile, in local news...

Man gets house arrest for baby beatdown...

A Madoc man who attacked a four-week-old girl, crushing eight of the infant's ribs and breaking an arm and a leg was sentenced to 18 months in community custody earlier this week.

Darren Wadforth, 23, was found guilty Monday of aggravated assault in Picton court in connection to an incident at a Picton home in June 2005.

He will spend the first half of his sentence under house arrest with electronic monitoring.
You can email Premier Dalton McGuinty and Attorney General Michael Bryant to let them know how you feel about this miscarriage of justice.

Or you can simply turn the other cheek.

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Roy Eappen said...

More stupid judge tricks. This is disgusting

Unknown said...


Mike said...

Why is this not national news ?

Neo Conservative said...

i guess lloyd robertson doesn't give a shit about busted up babies.

not when there's an ounce of "that scary stephen harper" to be wrung out of some fiberal stone.