03 September 2013

Yup... some murders are way more...

...important than others...
what murder
•• TORONTO •• A 16-year-old boy is dead after he was shot in the neck in an apartment on Weston Road near Lawrence Avenue West late Sunday.

The shooting is the latest in a spate of recent gun violence. In the last six months, at least six teens have been shot and five have died from their injuries.
Wait a minute, where's Alok Mukherjee? Where's Andre Marin?

Where's the garish, manipulative OCAP death parade? Why isn't this shooting dominating the nationwide news cycle?

Oh, right... no cops... no vultures.


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"It’s all eerily familiar to the last big protest he led when he helped co-opt the Sammy Yatim march. Is Hussan simply on auto-pilot, or is this an intentional provocation?"
Orwell was right.



All those dead teenagers... I think I better write a poem.


UPDATE: Murder victim id'd
In a release issued Monday afternoon, police identified the victim as Yusuf Tifow.