03 September 2013

Mile Wide, Inch Deep

Apparently, the heir-transparent is not much of a student of history...
In the 1993 election, Kim Campbell was that year’s Justin Trudeau, just 46 years old (Trudeau will be 44 in the next election). Campbell was a lawyer, a former justice minister, a woman of some accomplishment. But she pulled a Trudeau. “An election is no time to discuss serious issues,” she said. It was a turning point for the campaign. She was mocked as a lightweight. She lost.

If only Campbell was more like Trudeau — just a touch prettier, just a touch richer, with a father just a touch more famous — she might have won.
Of course, you're not going to discourage a true believer... witness a couple of the love letters, I've been receiving on an almost hourly basis...
Squirm CPC squirm Shiny Pony is going to kick your donkey with the unhealthy gut and sweater vest.
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 4:13 pm, September 03, 2013

Ketchup little CPC tomato's the electorate is coming the electorate is coming! Justin in 2015 (the important poll day)
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 3:18 pm, September 03, 2013
There's always an insult in these missives (Nonny invariably refers to me as Neo-Cunt)... as if my anonymous fanboy thinks I'm gonna roll over and cry. He simply misses the fact that his commentary reveals much more about his own personality than anything else.

If legalising pot is the extent of Justin's policy depths... he may be in for a rougher ride than he thinks.


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