18 September 2013

He's clarified his position on drugs...

...is this Justin Trudeau's next policy triumph?
The Södertörn District Court has now acquitted the 65-year old in a judgement which stated that it "may be proven that the man exposed himself and masturbated on this occasion".

However, the court added that no offence had been committed as the masturbating man was not pleasuring himself towards a specific person.

When asked if it was now acceptable to masturbate in public if you don't direct it towards a specific individual the prosecutor said it was "okay."
You think I'm kidding here? Think again.
Meanwhile, the workshops where Liberals were meant to hammer out 135 or so policy resolutions were all but deserted. The 18 resolutions before the international affairs workshop were summarily dealt with in 30 minutes, with minimal debate. Along the corridor in the social justice workshop, delegates voted to lower the age of consent for anal sex and legalize marijuana.
As one pundit put it...
"Umm . . . is discussing allowing teenagers to bugger each other really the business of the Liberal Party?"
You'd be surprised what those frisky Liberals do behind closed doors.