09 September 2013

All those shameful, masculine, anglo images...

...like, you know... the Stanley Cup...

ashamed to be canadianAnd what would little MS Malice pull out of her multicultural bag-o-tricks?

"Oh, we have so many images that sing out “Canada:” the Toronto skyline, the ROM, Sarah Polley in Avonlea, Alice Munro, Louis Riel, a Lawren Harris iceberg, a Joyce Wieland, the CBC logo, Vancouver’s harbour lights, Mount Royal, a Canada Goose parka, Banting, Gretzky, Roots boots, a backyard ice rink/perfectly shovelled driveway, a flock of glass condo towers, a wild snowboarder, Alligator Pie, a traffic jam, a Bloody Caesar, a lacerated refugee getting a flu shot."
It's a cliche Canada, like the Disney-fication of the RCMP... or the huge, inflateable cartoon beavers at the Vancouver Olympics.

It must be done, she says... because mad dictator Stephen Harper is apparently the reincarnation of Pol Pot...
"Shameful things like Ottawa trying to avoid taking in refugees who have been tortured, because they require extra medical care. Foreigners who wake up weeping, with bone chips floating around their spinal cords, I hear you, Stephen Harper, these people are costly."
A dash of Margaret Atwood, a spoonful of uber sweet Justin T... and, "bone chips floating around spinal cords" notwithstanding, all our beastly problems will be solved.

You've gotta love a dreamer.
(via BCF)


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nicey-nice canuckistan


Jen said...


Al Gore Sued By 30,000 Scientists For Global Warming Fraud

Written by Sarah C. Corriher


Neo Conservative said...

with all the revelations about fraudulent research, i'm actually surprised this hasn't happened sooner.

no less than he deserves.