19 September 2013

PC Party of Ontario officially dead

And, of course, no more astrophysics, as the term "black hole" has now been officially erased from the lexicon...

-- TORONTO -- Ontario Progressive Conservatives have issued an apology for calling the Liberal Scarborough subway plan a “train wreck” on the same day that at least six people died in a bus-train crash in Ottawa.
It's official... when you start to fall over yourselves about politically correct silliness like this, it's time to disband the whole effete organisation.

I just about threw up when I heard Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson sombrely announcing that the whole city was in mourning for these people... even before bodies had been pulled from the wreckage. It ranks right up there with politicians pulling on various articles of religious apparel to suck up to whatever religious institution they are visiting that day.

It doesn't actually fool anyone, does it?


UPDATE: It can't actually be grief...

...I guess it's just a way to advertise your moral superiority...
Lining both sides of the tracks, the derailed Via train serving as a backdrop, supporters lit candles, hugged each other and prayed for the six killed and more than 30 injured when the double-decker OC Transpo bus struck the train.

Most of those in attendance didn't know anyone on the ill-fated bus, but were in shock that something so tragic could happen so close to home.
And you get to see yourself on TV.


Anonymous said...

we now live in the land of silly a holes.

Neo Conservative said...

i really need to know... is there some sort of moronic playbook that mandates this type of behaviour... or do politicians just run screamin' scared from every issue they butt up against?


Anonymous said...

I am not sure about your dismissal of the emotional reaction of people lining the tracks. Having something like this happen in your community elicits feelings of vulnerability. Seeking communion with those nearby seems legitimate to me, though every does not respond in the same way.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Seeking communion..."

call me cynical, but i expect that there would be a lot less "seeking" were it not for the constant intrusion & egging on of the msm.

the sheeple know what is expected... and respond accordingly.

of course, our children are now constantly being conditioned to respond in what is now seen as a socially acceptable manner.

what they are doing devalues actual grief. we live in a pretend world where people put on clown faces and perform for their neighbours.