02 September 2013

Little less pot... little more paperwork?

So what's up with the party of... "Dave's not here, man"...

"Justin Trudeau's successful and popular visit last week there indicates that there is a lot of support to work with and we look forward to waging a strong campaign there as we will across the country," Andree-Lyne Halle told QMI Agency.
Hey, full speed ahead, huh? Nuthin' gonna stop this political juggernau... wait a minute...
It turns out the Federal Liberal Association for Central Nova - the riding in which Antigonish is located - had been put on notice only a week before, the result of failing to comply with various financial submissions requirements of the Canada Elections Act.
Oh, oh... might be a "non-voluntary deregistration" comin' down the pike.

Hey, Justin... maybe scope out the office for the giggley dude with the cheezie dust paws. Victimless crime, my sweet patootie.


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...it almost bankrupted the country...
"In other words, the only reason there was a large deficit, was because of the huge interest payments (33 cents on every tax dollar) Canada had to pay to service the enormous debt Trudeau built up."
His father's charisma... his mother's intellect.


Anonymous said...

Justin's "sucessfull and popular visit"
Hmmm crowds of "hundreds" you could do better with a monkey and an organ grinder.
Come to think of it who is turning lil Justins crank
Martin, Dion, Ignattief, Rae now Trudeau.
The jokes just tell themselves.

Neo Conservative said...

the bit that caught my eye was the central nova riding association about to be deregistered for not playing by the rules.

they can't even keep this riding on the up & up... yet expect canadians to let them run the whole country.


Anonymous said...

and where are the cons during Sept? NOT AT WORK

Canadians are paying for it now but the CPC will pay at the ballot box.

Justin in 2015

Neo Conservative said...

those who don't recall the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them...

"In 1968, when Trudeau went from rich, socialist professor who had never held a real job in his life to prime minister, Canada’s national debt was a modest $11.3 billion; the federal deficit was zero."

"When Trudeau left office in 1984, the debt had mushroomed to $128 billion; the deficit to $25 billion annually."


Anonymous said...

Oh no not the 'ethnic vote'


Better hope our dying base of the elderly, obese and angry is still around in 2015


Get back to work CONs

Anonymous said...

you'll never make it to 0 by 2015 Cons.


dmorris said...

There was a headline this AM at Canada-Liberal newswatch that said "Conservative Support Plunges ,Liberal support Soars",or words to that effect.

It's the "Justin" effect,and I can't believe how many people have jumped on his bandwagon! No woman under 65 should be allowed to vote in 2015,as she's more than likely voting lust rather than common sense.

Oh,and in 1968, we all voted for Pierre due to his impressive WW2 record.;-)

Neo Conservative said...

hey, nonny... when you post a link, maybe you should read more than just the first graph...

“I think all political polls should be plotted in terms of the number of days they’re taken before the election, and compare their predictive power to polls taken that many days before previous elections,” she said. “If we did that, we’d have to look at the polls in May of 2009 and see how well they predicted May 2011. The answer is not very well at all.”

there's only one poll that really matters... the one on election day.


Anonymous said...

We are witnessing the death throes of prohibition while its advocates make a desperate and frantic last stand, their final frenzy.

In years to come, the attitudes that now prevail towards people that choose cannabis will be as politically incorrect as racism, homophobia or denying women the vote.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... in years to come, the attitudes that now prevail..."

and there are organisations like nambla that say having sex with children is a legitimate sexual persuasion and just needs such recognition.

until the law changes, i suggest you choose not to partake.