13 September 2013

Sex, Lies and alleged Videotape

Okay, so there's no sex. You'll have to settle for a murder.
-- TORONTO -- A 62-year-old man was found slain in front of a home in a middle class North York neighbourhood Thursday [excerpting twaddle about locking down local high school].

Officers responded to 37 Francine Dr., near Leslie St. and McNicoll Ave., around 9 a.m. and located the mortally wounded victim on the front porch.

“He appeared to be suffering from stab wounds,” Const. Wendy Drummond said. Police immediately suspected the man had been murdered [striking more yip-yap about the school lockdown, including a hastily dispatched rent-a-cop].

Homicide detectives stopped by the scene for a brief look around and soon after officially deemed the man’s death a murder, the city’s 41st killing of the year.

The victim’s name was not released.
You want useful information, maybe he had a Facebook page. Alright, alright, there's a process here... we need to protect people's privacy.

Unless, of course, it's notorious drug lord Pablo Ford.


UPDATE: Traffic court is for pussies
Police say an accident is what led to the murder of 62-year-old Anthony Koko Chang. 24-year-old Kimnarine Keshan Maharaj has been charged with second-degree-murder.

Det Kate Beveridge says the two got into an accident on Mount Pleasant Rd, near Roehampton Ave, last Tuesday.
Just another example of third world jurisprudence.


ORWELL WAS RIGHT: CBC is a special animal

So says the CBC. Let me paraphrase...
"It is certainly not ideal to have been speculating about a drug empire that no one had actually seen," she wrote. "But given the high profile of the people involved, and how the rumours went viral, the decision to pound away on this speculative & destructive path for weeks on end made perfect business sense."
Sure, he's big and loud and nobody's idea of a leading man... a perfect reason to suspend due process and simple decency.

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-- TORONTO -- A teenager is fighting for his life after an overnight shooting in Lawrence Heights.

Toronto Police say the victim was shot in the area of Ranee Ave. and Allan Rd., north of Lawrence Ave. W., around 12:30 a.m. Friday.
What is it the residents call this little patch of heaven? Oh yeah... The Jungle.