17 September 2013

Apparently, Justin Trudeau thinks mummy...

...is full of prunes...

-- OTTAWA -- Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau declined to make a connection between his marijuana policy and his mother's relationship with the drug, heavy use of which she has said contributed to her own experiences with mental illness.

"Marijuana can trigger psychosis," she said. "Every time I was hospitalized it was preceded by heavy use of marijuana."
Every time, Maggie?

Live and don't learn... the Liberal mantra.


fernstalbert said...

How very sad that his mother's very public health issues do not dent his "liberal" mindset. Unfortunately denial is not a river in Egypt. To be really bloody minded - his mom only has one vote - there are thousands who agree with him and do not look at the personal tragedies that come with drug use. "Heavy marijuana" use is not recreational and under control. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

But wait, Justin is a Super-Boy so strong that HE would never get addicted or harmed like his Mother did. The denial stage is so amazing because it's ALWAYS the other users that will get hooked and are the weak ones.
His dad treated her like a fool, why should Justin be any different with his level of misogyny.

Jen said...

Unfortunately, her son Trudeau, instead of declining, accepted thousands of dollars from the -mental health- for a speaking engagement.

Rich said...

Marijuana can trigger psychosis
.....and cause birth defects too I bet. (cough)

Neo Conservative said...

fernstalbert says... the personal tragedies that come with drug use"

not widely reported, but at the time of his unfortunate death by avalanche... justin's brother was facing a pot possession charge.

you don't think it's possible he had just sparked up... nah... let's not go there.