26 September 2013

Go ahead... release Omar Khadr...

...I double-dawg dare you...

A member of the Toronto 18 terror group that planned attacks on Canadian targets nearly a decade ago has died while fighting in Syria, CTV News has confirmed.

Ali Mohamed Dirie served two years in prison for his role in the plot to blow up the Parliament buildings and other landmarks, assassinate the prime minister and kidnap politicians.
What... 2 whole years and he was out there beheading again?

C'mon Ali... you promised.
When he appeared before a parole hearing in 2010, Dirie said he was a changed man, and no longer advocated violence to achieve political goals.
Well, heck... maybe he was just on vacation.

Or maybe the National Parole Board needs a kick in the ass.


Anonymous said...

Canadians are as stupid as the rest of the world. unable to comprehend that the followers of islam are our enemy.

RJ65 said...

A news report today stated that he served an additional five years while awaiting trial. I am not saying that the overall sentence was appropriate, but 2 years is inaccurate.

Neo Conservative said...

fundamentalist islam allows, nay encourages, a shaheed to lie to his infidel enemies.

jail now seems moot somehow... it was inevitable that this gentleman would run headlong towards his ultimate goal, his destiny.

as one imam put it after 9/11... "you in the west love coca-cola... we love death."