23 September 2013

Nairobi ain't the only place where...

...Canadians can get shot at...
hogtown hollowpoints**********

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Toronto police are investigating after two people were wounded in a shooting early Monday morning.

The shooting occurred near Lawrence and Morningside avenues in Scarborough, and officers are working to narrow down the exact location, police said.
And again...
A man in his 30s has died of his injuries after being shot in the chest in the Queen and Parliament streets area Monday evening, Toronto police say.

Police say the 31-year-old man was ambushed as he waited for an elevator on the fourth floor of an apartment complex at 285 Shuter Street.

Det. Sgt. Dean Burks said the victim – whom he wouldn’t immediately identify – was known to police.
No pithy commentary from Premier Wynne and no announcement of when OCAP will be parading for this man's unfortunate death.

Move along folks, nothing to see here.