11 September 2013

What's a little racial profiling among friends?

Hmmm, unless I'm sadly mistaken, this headline very precisely describes the Board of Directors of the Toronto Star...
time for a revolutionSomebody get me my guillotine.


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...the party of Justin is all over this one.

A Liberal senator wants to use the power of Parliament to force women into the boardrooms of the nation.

The bill would require all publicly traded companies, banks, insurance companies and trust companies to have 50% of their board of directors made up of women.
I'm just waiting to hear about mandatory marijuana breaks... you know... to mellow out the stresses of the workplace.


Anonymous said...

old whit guy says....it is a national tragedy that we old white guys were smart and worked hard to create a nation that can afford to give welfare to millions of people who produce nothing but garbage. what the heck is wrong? everybody cannot be that stupid.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... we old white guys were smart and worked hard"

the left-o-sphere doesn't wanna hear anything about a meritocracy.

funny, though... the socialists conveniently overlook that both barack obama & justin trudeau, with their millions of dollars, are firmly entrenched in the ranks of what the occupy movement derisively labels the 1%.

when will the protestors redistribute barack & justin's wealth?


Anonymous said...

It sounds more like a racist view because Whites are a minority on Earth and yet almost every anti-west/Democracy group in canada makes White People out to be so powerful that they run the World. This is very telling of the Leftists mind set that Non-whites are either lazy, or, too stupid to be productive and inventive to create the TV,Car,Land On the Moon,Cell Phone,Hydro-power systems,and generous Social programs along with Free Education and lots of Hospitals.
Even the 9/11 Truther's want to blame Bush and Chretien ( Used NORAD to guide drone planes) for it along with the Joooooz because i guess they think that muslims, as well, are alos too stupid to have pulled it off....it muts have been those really smart Joooooz and old White-Guys.

Jen said...

According to justin -women- are-MOUTHPIECES.

There are magazines around showing women in the workforce as executives, managers or as business owners.

Neo Conservative said...

"jen says... According to justin -women- are-MOUTHPIECES."

let's bear in mind that justin's mom isn't exactly mensa material. i can see where he got his expectations lowered.