26 September 2013

Forget about lying on the resume...

...I just wanna hear him belt out a little ditty about Mohammed...
halls of macadamia/
Until recently, Rolf Dinsdale was a member of the punk rock band Shit From Hell, along with longtime Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella. The band's songs include “Horny Single Mom” and “Jesus Got Wood.” The video for the latter features a writhing woman and the lyrics, “Baby you're going to get impaled.”
Now, don't you read anything scurrilous into this, folks... ol' Rolf has an explanation for all that as well...
Dinsdale says the songs show his sense of humour and he considers his material pro-Christian. Jesus Got Wood is a Christian anthem."
Rolf, Rolf, settle down... this is Canada, you can piss all over Christianity til the cows come home. The question you should be asking is... "Honey, does this hat make my head look stupid?"

I look forward to seeing Justin Trudeau signing your nomination papers. Maybe JT can join you in a few verses of Jesus Got Wood.
(via BCF)