28 September 2013

Murder, she wrote

In other "broad strata of society" news...
Aiman “Bigz” Khiar, 24, Jerome “Germz” Bent, 22, Dellan “Young” McMorris,” 23, Shakeil Wheatle, 19; Dwayne “Mafia” Willis, 20; Amanda “White Millie” Rumbolt, 29, Jathursan “Yadi” Rajarubakumar, 22, Bershon “Bread” Roach-Ferguson, 20.
Here's a parenting tip... if your kid has a way cool street name, maybe you're not gonna need that RESP.


Just noticed the original article mentioned three of the names twice... so I've erased the dupes. Not sure why ol' Shakeil doesn't have a nickname... maybe he helped an old lady cross the street and had his cool name rescinded.