06 May 2011

Prove it, prove it... chimes whiney NDP

Liberal candidate Francine Gaudet said a formal complaint has been made with Elections Canada by a voter in the riding alleging there are at least 90 invalid signatures on the elected NDP candidate's nomination papers.

Ms. Gaudet explained in an interview that when voters were asked to endorse the NDP candidate’s nomination papers, her name did not appear on the voter consent nomination form.

The NDP has said Ms. Brosseau’s nomination list is legitimate because it was accepted by Elections Canada’s returning officer in the riding.
Yeah... it ain't about the fraud or forgery... if you can slip it past a petty bureaucrat... you win.


Anonymous said...

Based on the accusations of a failed liberal... you are ready to pronounce fraud and forgery? No evidence required? Not even an investigation?

What if the failed liberal in your riding accused the winner of the same thing? Simply overturn? Can I get David MgGuinty's win overturned by simply accusting him of electoral fraud? If so, sign me up!

It wouldn't be too hard to prove forgery. But yes, those accusing have to prove it or move on.

However, forget about the sobering afterthoughts of "we thought we were signing something else..." Sorry, those who did sign are adults and should have asked questions at the time.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny whinges... based on the accusations of a failed liberal"

or... as the article states... the complaint of the guy whose signature (along with that of his wife) was forged to facilitate this bogus nomination?

apparently these signatures were also collected before the candidate's name was affixed to the document. nothing unusual there, huh?

but then... your dear leader gets caught butt-nekkid in a known bawdy house... i guess we're not really talkin' about raising the ethical bar, eh nonny?