14 January 2008

That's funny...

The sovereign nation of Kanesatake doesn't seem to have a problem cashing those government cheques...
We are not Canadian citizens,” says Chief Clarence Simon of Kanesatake, the Mohawk community that stared down soldiers during the 1990 Oka crisis.
That's a strange sort of self-reliance. It puts me in mind of sulky, living in the basement "teenager independence".

And it gets even better... these whiny dependents take the money to buy stuff for themselves... and then the stuff disappears.
The former federal Liberal government broke its own rules by doling out millions of tax dollars to a special police force in a small Mohawk community near Montreal, according to an audit obtained by CBC News.
My guess is... they want to travel... they don't have any problems asking for the keys to the passport office either.

Not Canadian citizens?

What a joke.