27 January 2011

Whatever it takes, huh?

And they just keep on telling us... "Iggy's the smart one"...ignoble

-- OTTAWA -- The Liberals are "ready to fight" for struggling Canadian families, leader Michael Ignatieff said Tuesday, as he promised his party is focusing on targeting everyday troubles Canadians face from affordable child care, access to post-secondary education and reliable health care.
Hmmm, I've just gotta ask... did Mr Ignatieff major in "struggling Canadian families" back at Upper Canada College?

And hey, I dunno about "ready to fight"... but apparently the Liberals are ready to look us right in the face... and rewrite history...
A spokeswoman from the department of finance said McGuinty’s facts are incorrect, though.

“The truth of the matter is, there was absolutely no legislated reduction of the personal income tax rate to 15 per cent under the former Liberal government,” spokeswoman Annette Robertson said.
Yup... business as usual.


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“The NDP has sent out signals that they would be a cheap date,” former Conservative campaign manager Tom Flanagan recently told Reuters.