13 January 2011


-- OTTAWA -- The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ordered the Correctional Service of Canada to pay $9,500 in compensation to a man serving a life sentence for the 1983 murder of an Ottawa police officer.
Hey, Peace Moonbeam... rehabilitate this.


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“You gotta lay the blame for some of these damages on the insurgents that turned these farms, buildings and fields into these complex IED networks.”
Sorry... that's just not the way things work anymore.


Dana said...

Sadly, I hear that death is also a rather painful condition....

Neo Conservative said...

nice to know that we're taking such good care of all the murderers in the system.


Anonymous said...

Yep, you know when even Dr. Dawg is calling bullshit, the HRC has gone over the line.

Seriously, ONE person complained? About a song that is 25 years old?

Nice catch. I'm sure they'll get around to looking at that ultra-violent "Pong" game soon...

Neo Conservative said...

and all across the land, the cries echoed... "save me... oh wonderful bureaucrat."