25 January 2011

How about another 10 years in slam...

...and a vasectomy...

A Saskatchewan man in prison for the freezing deaths of his two young daughters is scheduled to be released on Tuesday after serving two-thirds of his sentence. --
All that tempering justice through a cultural lense... how's that workin' for ya?native justice


Lynn said...

"Freedom is a huge (part) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Before we take away a person's freedom, boy, there'd better be some good reasons."

That incredible statement was made by the RCMP spokeswoman! Context; the reason why they didn't immediately jail Pauchay for his FIRST breach of probation.

No matter how you look at it,this useless fuck is going to get off almost scot free,and I'd bet lots of money that he'll be busily reproducing more little kids within a couple of years.

Hopefully social services will provide him with free babysitting services next time around.

"Justice" system?


Neo Conservative said...

"lynn says... he'll be busily reproducing more little kids"

correct me if i'm mistaken... but wasn't his wife/girlfriend pregnant when the other 2 kids were killed?


oxygentax said...

You're right Neo, she was pregnant at the time...


and wonder of all wonders, it got subsequently taken away at 8 months.