07 January 2011

Omar Khadr fan club starts to figure it out

Wait a minute... where was Mark Holland when the Toronto 18 was gonna blow up Bay St. and behead the Prime Minister...
more mark the mouth

The federal Liberals are urging Public Safety Minister Vic Toews to give Coptic churches in this country the money they need to install security cameras and alarm systems to prevent deadly terrorist attacks like the one rocked Egypt last week.
Guess what, Marko, you dim bulb... these guys aren't all that particular about what flavour of infidel they send to the great beyond. You, me... the local strip club or gay bar... it's all good.

Funny how Mark doesn't seem to give a crap about protecting, oh... I don't know... synagogues... subway stations... other denominations of Christians?

And if this is about actual protection... we're going with cameras? Seriously? "Hey, you... stop or I'll flash!!!"

If the Mr Rogers, er... Liberal Party of Canada is finally recognising the deadly dangers of homegrown Islamic fundamentalism... it sounds like we really need to pump up the jam.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Let's get crazy...

...and ask an actual member of the Coptic community...
"That's much, much, much better to empower the law enforcement agencies instead of wasting money on cameras," said Mansour.
Over to you, Mark & Iggy.


maryT said...

Just wondering, are there Coptic voters in his riding.

CJ said...

From this news story:

Copts dismiss Liberal call for funds to install security cameras at churches

"It's not really practical to do such a thing, honestly," said Sherif Mansour, the Ottawa-based spokesman for the Canadian Coptic Association. "I would like to see more effort on monitoring the groups that we know are the source of troubles . . . That's much, much, much better to empower the law enforcement agencies instead of wasting money on cameras," said Mansour, who added that his name was on a list of some 100 Canadian Copts published on an Islamic website in December along with addresses and photos, which security experts feared could be used by the radical Muslims to inflict harm.

Damn, it's absolutely bracing to read concentrated truth like that in Canadian media.

Neo Conservative said...

hey... who you gonna listen to... liberal loudmouth mark holland... or the canadian coptic community?



Anonymous said...

see.. It's hardly a surprise you won't address the child soldier issue.

Because you -know-, it's hypocritical, and acknowledging it makes you, a complete liar.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, nonny... as you know all too well... i address it all the time... and incessantly showing up here & calling me silly names just highlights your strange obsession with this blog.

if i'm so utterly misguided & inconsequential... why do you bombard the comments here wih dozens of nonsensical rants every week?

seems i've permanently rented a large, empty space between your ears.

so very sad.