18 January 2011

So... queue-jumping is apparently...

...just part of the plan...

“We don’t know how far advanced it is, but their intent is pretty clear — to set up a base-in-exile here for the leadership. Some leadership is already here,” a well-placed federal government official told the Ottawa Citizen.

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In discussing Tuesday's incident, [Liberal] Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil referred cautiously to "pluralism" and "openness" as key values within Quebec society.

"Each institution has its rules. The airports, courthouses are all dealing with these kinds of questions."
Enough air-speak... how about we just go with the Wyatt Earp solution?

"Sorry, boys... you're gonna have to leave your weapons at the door."


LAST WORD: Refugees, huh?
-- OTTAWA -- The Canada Border Services Agency says 15 people who arrived off Canada's west coast last summer should be booted from the country over terrorist or criminal ties.

Government officials say that 14 of the 15 men have ties to the Tamil Tiger terrorist group, while the other has a criminal past.


Michael said...

But, but but...........these ppor, downtrodden people with nothing to their name back in the old country, but somehow with enough money to pay thousands of dollars to smugglers aren't ALL on the up and up.

Go on now!

Rich said...

No need to worry.....I am sure there are no terrorists in, yet another, boatload headed for Canada. It's already on the way.
I think this applies to Canada..."Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Chris said...

The legislation angle is designed to appear as though the government is 'doing something' about the 'problem' but it really won't have the effect of stopping any boat. That's a pipedream.

The boat problem is a symptom of issues in Sri Lanka and not necessarily a symptom of Canada's supposedly 'lax' immigration laws.

I suspect this will be a lot like the vietnamese boat people in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Conditions improved in Vietnam and people stopped trying these insanely dangerous ways of leaving the country.