04 January 2011

Then they gently placed Bambi's mother...

...in the bed of the truck and rushed her to the vet... a wonderful day in the neighbourhood


hunter said...

Excellent example of "progressive" going too far, again.

Norm said...

Good Lord! I hope the sensitive types never get around to updating the Flashman Papers!

The Grey Lady said...

This is very disappointing, instead of white washing a fence they are hysterically P.c. white washing a freedom classic. If my memory serves me right in Huck learns everything he needs to become a man from Jim. Honour,critical thinking, dignity, decency and the search for freedoms.

People are and do stupid very well these days.

jwkozak91 said...

Same thing when Disneyland opened "Splash Mountain" in 1989. As a kid I had no idea what Disney movie it was based on.

Neo Conservative said...

only a matter of time before this madness spreads... i fully expect to soon be reading about "ivan the discourteous", the australian "correctional diaspora"... and tales of "vlad the proctologist".


Rural and Right said...

I can't wait to hear the Government mandated PC versions of Jay-Z's "Ain't no nigga" and "Real Niggaz"

Real 'African Americans' do real things
Hangin with the 'pals' is the song I sing
Real 'African Americans' do real things
On the road to riches and diamond rings
Real 'African Americans' do real things
Bustin my toast off the roof drinkin 90 proof til spring
Real 'African Americans' do real things, check


Neo Conservative said...

"r&r says... PC versions of Jay-Z's "Ain't no nigga" and "Real Niggaz"

call me a troglodyte... but I've yet to actually witness the magical, healing powers of (and I use the words loosely)... "rap music".