12 January 2011

Never a magical, 2 billion dollar...

...long gun registry around... when you really need one...
farmer bob rifle registryHang on... they didn't know there might be a little problem here?


Martin said he read through Roszko's criminal history while gathering material for the search warrant. Roszko was well known to police for being violent and was under a 10-year weapons ban on a prior conviction.


BDFT said...

Well, he had a 10 year weapons ban. How could he possibly have had a gun? Don't forget the weapon he used was prohibited in Canada. He shouldn't have had that either. Perhaps a case of the RCMP believing their own bullshit.

Frances said...

Neo - reality is the local constabulary let Mr Roszko terrorize the surrounding area for years. The two young men who helped him did so out of fear, knowing full well that - should they decline to help and Roszko came after them - the RCMP would offer 'all aid short of actual help' (as in notify their families of their deaths, serious injuries, etc).

Unless those two men are allowed to testify, this is an attempted whitewash by the RCMP, and another disgrace to a formerly honourable force.

Neo Conservative said...

i thought the whole purpose of the magical 2 billion dollar "farmer bob rifle registry" was to extend an invisible bubble of protection over all canadians... especially cops.

iggy & friends swore up and down we would be protected.

hmmm... maybe going after farmers, duck hunters & skeet shooters... isn't the best strategy here, after all?