24 January 2011

You don't wanna be standing under...

...any open windows... down at the CBC building...
look out below**********


"you think CBers(sic) will mad?"
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 8:23 AM, January 24, 2011
Those guys with the radios? I don't get it.

"oh dude, lay off the ridilin(sic). We're laughing."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 8:24 AM, January 24, 2011
Oh, Nonny... you mean Ritalin, right?

As in... "A prescription medication for people with attention deficit disorder."

Seriously, uh... dude... you do all the work for me.


UPDATE: It was all an elaborate ruse...

...turns out Nonny isn't a pathetic, dimbulb cyberstalker after all...
"dear god. You fell for it. Why yes neo, thank you for announcing to everyone your knowledge of "Ritalin" ha ha ha ha ha ha you idiot."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 9:37 AM, January 24, 2011
Yup... you're a regular Niccolò Machiavelli, aren't you?

So sad.


KURSK said...

No, but I could stand up the street a wee bit with a box of popcorn to watch the show..

Neo Conservative said...

the left-o-sphere must be coming absolutely unglued.

rumour has it... jane taber's popped a few stitches in her corset, and hey... i can hear craig oliver's pacemaker from my backyard.


maryT said...

Hey, I agree, most liberal voters do have attention deficit disorder. They have forgotten adscam, hrdc, non pyment of leadership debts, broken promises they make every election and promptly forget. Unless it will cost us millions to keep one, aka the helicopter deal. They have forgotten the vicious ads, the Kill him Dead, or kill him.
Libs do have a couple of doctors in their caucus, are they writing prescriptions for all the ritalin they need.

Chris said...

...Are you better off than you were 5 years ago?

I don't know, Iggi... maybe we should ask Ronald Reagan what he thinks about your campaign question.

Maybe next time you can incorporate "Ich ben ein Berliner", "Ask not what your country can do for you", "this will be their finest hour" and other tidbits from better politicians than you.

Back to the drawing board, Perfessor.

Neo Conservative said...

lemme see... longest serving minority government in canadian history... while fighting a war AND competently weathering the worst worldwide financial crisis in decades.

what is it they said about ginger? oh yeah... that she did everything fred astaire did... backwards & in high heels.

as to... "Are you better off than you were 5 years ago?"... i have a loving family... i have a mortgage-free house that has doubled in value since 2001... and the stock market ALWAYS eventually rebounds.

i'm gonna go with yes.


Anonymous said...

perhaps you should rethink your optimistic reply neo.

I paid off my house, had great stock value, had a loving family, all well before Harper took power.

Now, it seems we have a massive deficit, our future is uncertain, business is down, and we've had to tighten our belts. We're preparing to tighten even further, when the time comes the deficit needs to be dealt with, probably by another government because I'm not holding my breath with Harper, who seems to enjoy continual spending, and what appears to be the largest government I can recall.

This is better? I'm going to guess a great number of people will be answering 'not really' in the next while.


Neo Conservative said...

sorry, nonny... nobody i know is boiling shoe leather to make soup.

i like harper... i think he's been good for canada.

you are, of course, free to disagree.


Anonymous said...

of course you like Harper. This much we gather. You just haven't proven that he actually is good for Canada.

Not screwing up badly, spending like a drunken sailor, running deficits skyhigh with no real plans to reign them in, isn't 'good for Canada' in my eyes, and I'll bet not too many others either. -sating- you're going to reign it in, isn't good enough. DO IT.

People just aren't that gullible neo. They may elect him to another minority, but that isn't exactly the vote of confidence you seem to think he should have.

There's your reality, and then there's the rest of Canada's. Which has been, no majority for Harper, and not anytime soon.

Chris said...

"Now, it seems we have a massive deficit"

At the request of the Liberals and NDP... oh, and what was there solution to this if elected??

"our future is uncertain, "

So funny how powerful and almighty they think the PMs office is. Sorry dude, the PM has zero control over the 'economy'. Measures can be taken to soften the blow, but that is about it. Oh - and what does the perfessor say he is going to do? Yeah, that's about right.

"business is down, "

Well, isn't that the same point over again? Try harder on your lists next time.

"and we've had to tighten our belts. "

Now isn't that an interesting things to say. If you are from Ontario, I suggest you really give that line some thought and consider who has been raising all your taxes, fees and 'surcharges'

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... You just haven't proven that he actually is good for Canada."

you mean "good" like st pierre trudeau and his bottomless socialist moneypit?

you're right... he's not good like that.

so maybe you mean good like mother theresa... or philly cheese-steak sandwiches?

c'mon nonny... don't just phone it in.


Anonymous said...

you guys get all excited.

then neo phones it in with Pierre Trudeau. How about Mulroney Neo? Who spent easily as much as Trudeau and nearly bankrupted the country? Never hear that oh but it's all Trudeau's fault.


As for running the deficit 'at the request of the liberals and ndp", well then they should have stuck to their guns and ran on principle then eh? But naw, couldn't do that.

It's always the other guys fault, we've watched as Harper and co, has blamed all their failures, on someone else. Canadians will soon tire of this song and dance.

The truth is, Canadians did want the conservatives to spend on stimulus. But I doubt they wanted the conservatives to spend like fools, such as the millions in signage promoting this "action plan" for example.

And you want to blame the liberals for this?

You both are both fools, and quite gullible.

If this government showed they could cut the insane ramping of spending (which occurred BEFORE the recession to put us on track to a deficit btw...) manage our finances CURRENTLY, then perhaps, I would agree with you. -I-, would vote for Harper.

But I want proof, he can cut spending, and manage the deficit. Not some airy fairy nonsense promise that if we give him a majority, he'll do it.

You want to be dumb enough to fall for that line, you just go right ahead.

As for your other genius Chris, why don't you remind him just who's brilliant idea it was to convince Ontario to implement the HST with bribes of billions of dollars. McGuinty, is just another doofus.

idiot premier, and idiot prime minister. While the lot of you squabble over which is worse, liberal or conservative.

Aren't you fellahs trained LOL.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny bleats... Canadians will soon tire of this song and dance."

hmmm... maybe you need to read slower, nonny.

what part of "longest serving minority government in canadian history" are you just not getting?

and your big finish...

"idiot premier, and idiot prime minister."

whoa... that's deep.

well... congrats anyway, on getting through THIS commentary without actually using the words nazi or douchebag.

it's a big step up from your usual fluff.


Chris said...

Wow - well, I can't tell you how much I agree with the comment about the idiot premier. The only bigger idiot is the moron who keeps voting for him.

Onto the main point, which I think you are missing. You are absolutely right that Harper is not the best.... but wow, look at your alternatives. You have one guy who consistently spouts off about rights for every minority, even to the point of tears BUT who wants to negotiate with the taliban...a group that is not exactly tolerant of any minority. Zero credibility there.

Your other choice is a perfessor who just keeps failing miserably. Using a Reagan quote? Really? This is the guy you want calling the shots? This isn't a class room and we are not variables to be manipulated in social engineering experiments.

I am sorry, but we need some experience or some ideas that make sense... not just rhetoric. I do not hold a party affiliation and I have never voted based on the "party" I like. I vote on my own interests and on the person I believe will do the best job.

The Perfessor is right that people are 'scared' about the future.. but he doesn't understand that broken promises and no substantive explanations is what makes people scared about the future.

Anonymous said...

oh, and I might point out, that the ndp liberals aren't the only ones to have floated negotiating with the taliban.


It's been widely reported that Harper has expressed this.

Chris said...

Interesting, I did not know this.

Neo Conservative said...

also from macleans...

Canadian wait times—“widely regarded as the Achilles heel of the system”—are just one of many concerns raised in recent OECD studies. Making patients wait is really a means of rationing health care—a blunt, ineffective way of dealing with a looming health-driven fiscal crisis faced by Canada and other countries, say OECD economists. (…)

Nor is health care as “free” as some Canadians think. When public spending is combined with the 30 per cent spent privately on health (for such things as drugs, vision care, dental, long-term and home care), Canadians personally, and as taxpayers, face the fifth highest per-capita costs among the 32.