04 January 2011

Live and don't learn...

...that's us...

A Toronto man in part barred from possessing firearms and ammunition for life following a 2008 incident was charged with possessing a pistol on New Year's Eve.
more insanity
Rowan Akeem Atkins, 22, Toronto, is charged with possessing a restricted firearm with ammunition, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possessing a firearm knowing its possession is unauthorized, carrying a concealed weapon and two counts each of possessing a firearm contrary to a prohibition order and possessing ammunition contrary to a prohibition order.

In February 2008, Atkins was handed a lifetime firearms ban after being sentenced to three years probation for robbery using a firearm.
If only there was a law.


Pissedoff said...

So I guess under our Liberal unjustice system he will just get another lifetime ban and more probation.

Neo Conservative said...

consider yourself lucky i don't let the usual 10 paragraph rant from my good buddy "liberal supporter" plop out on to the pages here.

today, he's all bent out of shape about "bombing the brownies"... (his words, not mine)... and something equally irrational about deporting mexicans.

nothing to do with the post here, of course... but i'm beginning to sense he doesn't much like me.

thank you, once again, comment moderation.


Patsplace said...

Liberalism IS A MENTAL DISORDER and I think that mocking the poor dumb son-of-a-bit@# was cruel.

Norm said...

Yes but now he is on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!

Neo Conservative said...

three years probation for armed robbery!

we're teaching these guys to disrespect the law of the land.

meanwhile iggy & his ilk celebrate pissing away 2 billion taxpayer dollars to harrass farmers, hunters & skeet shooters.