19 January 2011

Ignatieff launches last-ditch, multi-city...

..."Operation Kick Myself in the Balls 2011"...

There are indeed places on Mr. Ignatieff’s 20-riding tour of the country where a message of investment in “learning” over tax reductions would receive an enthusiastic response. But a roomful of executives, just a block from Bay Street, is not one of them.

They just know to be civil about it.

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I dare you.


"all your fuck you liberal pinko political suckass commentary. Go cry to your arselicker friends"
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 4:52 PM, January 19, 2011
As usual, Nonny... a calm, well-reasoned, if somewhat homoerotic thesis. No issues here, huh?


Yikers... it seems Nonny is in full flight now. Apparently he stayed up all night looking for the perfect retort...
"oooooh the arselicker dance monkeyboy dance"
I'll spare you the other dozen, less intelligible gibes.

On the upside here... it probably keeps him away from snowplows... or Greyhound buses.


Rich said...

Iggy seems to have a permanent , glowing, "L" on his forehead, and it doesn't mean Liberal!
One of the folks who commented on this article had an interesting observation about the sign Iggy used (see the article to see the photo).
Here it is:-
"On another note, I hope Iggy isn't taking that background sign with him to Quebec. I suspect it would be embarrassing to have the Language Police arrest him. Looks to me like the word "Tour" is twice as large as the word 'Tournee". That's a criminal offense in Quebec, isn't it??"

Ouch....yet again.

maryT said...

Looks like iggy should have spent time in liberal ridings, IRuby supporters cross to conservative candidate. Of course she is on twitter denying it.
The he has another so called hi profile candidate quit in Halton. All this while he is out touring.

Rose said...

Liberals know all about arse licking, China, Cuba, Iran, Stalin Max the list of arseholes they've licked is endless.

gimbol said...

Its common that at some times in our lives when we hear about some brutal act being perpetrated by some heartless bast*rd that our first reaction is that although we don't advocate for the most logical action, we may in that particular case like to make an exception.
Harper's statement is basically the same reaction that most of us had when we heard about Victoria Stafford. The irony is that the liberals, particularly the McGuinty's, both Dalton and David, that try at every opportunity to emulate the middle class with sleeves rolled and tie loosened when talking to the assembled media, miss this simple logic.
Its not about the death penalty, its about not letting hardened criminals get off with a light sentence.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead... vote Liberal

I dare you.

heh heh, well mr neo conservative, there are enough who are voting liberal, to both keep Harper out of a majority, and piss you off.

That's a good thing.

James Higham said...

Go ahead... vote Liberal

I dare you.

We're dealing with sheep here - so they just might.

Reid said...

...I’ve just come from meeting of all the chief executives of the country...

So in 1 meeting in Toronto Iggy met ALL the countries CEOs? Really? Every CEO from Vancouver, Calgary, Regina,... etc just happened to be in TO to see Iggy? I'm sick of this BS where if it's in/from/of Toronto it's representative of the country.

LPC = rump party of Toronto.

Neo Conservative said...

"james says... We're dealing with sheep here - so they just might."

well, james... i don't know what's happening in the uk right now... but fuzzy, bunny toronto... in reaction to too much socialist david miller... just (can you say landslide?) elected a new mayor who had been vilified as a neo-con troglodyte in the popular press.

everybody, it seems, has a breaking point.


Anonymous said...

re: James.


It's interesting that you might think that sheep would only vote liberal.

To me, the sheep are the ones who excuse the lies and bad moves by government in power. The liberals did it when they were in power, and now I'm watching you conservatives do it. Both sides, simply cannot accept that their party is just as bad as the other. In fact, both parties are counting on it.

It seems to me, there's plenty of sheep out there, the blog author included, who seem only to happy to excuse both Harper and Iggy for all kinds of things.

This is how we always end up with shitty government.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... the blog author included, who seem only to happy to excuse both Harper and Iggy for all kinds of things."

sorry, nonny... you started off with an interesting premise... but you forgot to include the examples that prove your thesis.

you should try perusing the blogging tories site... no shortage of disenchanted conservatives that i can see.

over to you.


Anonymous said...

well I did rely to your "over to you", however, you decided to end the conversation.

Funny that. I'm guessing you dislike any conversation that doesn't adhere to your beliefs, such as they may be.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... what i thought.

once again... the wisdom of lonely, anonymous trolls.