31 January 2011

It's a pretty nice change...

...from all the usual protests about racist, uncaring Canada...free speech


James Higham said...

Whenever they start that c**p over here about racism and sexism and feminism and every -ism under the sun, I tell 'em where to go.

syncrodox said...


Good point and nice to see for a change but it seems the erstwhile Mr. Kaoud is unfamiliar with the Cretien and Trudeau administrations regarding term limits.

With son Saif, 8, hoisted above the crowd, Amr Kaoud, 43, said he, his wife and three children were at their first rally, because “we want to participate.”

Egypt’s government should be “limited to two terms, like every democracy,” the Mississauga resident said.

Neo Conservative said...

this would perhaps be a whole lot more admirable if these folks hadn't simply fled egypt for a better life... and now protest from underneath the umbrella of our democratic society.

and, you flee a corrupt dictatorship... it wouldn't be amiss to honestly re-evaluate what customs & values you choose to bring along with you.

maybe a little less "pushing israel into the sea"... as we so often see at similar toronto demonstrations?