21 January 2011

Iggy: The 2011 "Awww, F@#k It" Tour

Another day... another home run...
pander deluxe

“Quebeckers are saying out loud what a lot of Canadians think,” Mr. Dufour said. “This may explain why many politicians in the rest of Canada have such a hard time with it.”
Hang on a second... we're strip-searching octagenarian grandmothers on their way to Epcot... but knives get a pass?

How exactly does that work?


UPDATE: Apparently, timing IS everything
nothing up my sleeve**********

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It wouldn’t be the post-Chrétien Liberal Party if there weren’t some foul-up, though. Sure enough, this morning, one of the French-language ads had to be pulled and re-uploaded to YouTube when the Conservatives pointed out a glaring spelling error in it.

It’s a minor stumble in the grand scheme of things, and it was fixed quickly, but we can’t help but think of the Liberal Party Express Bus from last summer—the one that broke down on day one.

We don’t expect our political parties to be mechanics, as well, but we do expect them to use spell-check.

POSTSCRIPT: An Ignatieff enthusiast responds...
"It's not like carrying a concealed machine gun, as you'd like to be able to do."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 7:31 PM, January 21, 2011
...and responds...
"I'd love it if some Sikh pulled out his kirpan, I'd get to use my favourite Crocadile(sic) Dundee line! Hahahahahahahahaha!"
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 7:47 PM, January 22, 2011
Ah, Libby... as per usual, you do all the work for me.


DavidA said...

Abolish the long gun registry (I agree), but regulate ceremonial blades? You want conceal/carry licenses, but want it limited to handguns, not religious iconography?

It's the maniac holding it, not the object. I'd say be consistent but I understand you're an Ontarian.

Neo Conservative said...

"davida says... regulate ceremonial blades?... You want conceal/carry licenses"

c'mon davida... a kirpan registry? did i say that? well, no... that'd be, uh... you.

and, moving on, lemme see... the quebec legislature doesn't want people carrying knives onto their premises... so that means that ontarians are... what... racist, delusional?

as for edged weapons being mere "religious iconography"... might i suggest you read up on all the recent incidents of rioters run amok at certain religious premises...

-- BRAMPTON, Ontario, April 19 (UPI) -- A fistfight among some 70 Sikhs in a temple west of Toronto escalated into a brawl involving hammers and machetes, police said.

The incident comes only two weeks after well-known Sikh lawyer Manjit Mangat was stabbed with a kirpan at the Sikh Lehar Centre on Bramsteele Road in Brampton.

i understand there have been more than a few (cough, cough)... religion-related incidents out in beautiful british columbia recently.

let's split the difference and ask an albertan.

"Anything that would not be allowed on an airplane can't be brought into court," said Andy Weiler of the Alberta Solicitor-General and Public Security ministry.

should that apply to other public institutions?

works for me.

you want to start issuing concealed carry permits (for pistols or knives) to anyone who is not judged to be a maniac... oh well, i suppose i could live with that.

and so could gabrielle giffords, i bet.


jwkozak91 said...

The first time I heard Gilles bloviate on this proposal, I couldn't help but think back to his paranoid rant about "Opus Dei" "infiltrating the Conservative party" (paraphrase).

Yes Neo, you can defend banning kirpans from a public safety point of view - but IMHO, I think the kirpan-ban cones from the "Dawkins-bad-religion-haters" part of Gilles brain.

Neo Conservative said...

call me wacky... all i'm asking is... we're patting down elderly nuns at pearson international... why would guys with actual knives get any sort of a pass?


Norm said...

I invite all to the "Church of John Moses Browning", a heretical sect of Christianity. Every baptised male member must at all times carry a cocked and locked Model 1911A1(Females can opt for a Commander model) as a symbol of how we are ready to "defend" our religion. We haven't sorted out this bit when we bath but 'm certain we will soon receive a divine revelation.
Part of the alter in our places of worship (which includes every member's residence) is a M2 Heavy Barrel with at least a 100 round belt of 4&trace APDU. Again, it symbolizes our committment to defend our religious beliefs.