09 January 2011

Too many Chiefs... not enough oversight

-- BISHOPVILLE -- The Glooscap First Nation band council remains a family affair.

Kristen Halliday, son of council member Michael Halliday, won a byelection Saturday to fill a seat on the council, which has been caught in a controversy over high band council salaries.

The council, which governs the 304-member band, now consists of Chief Shirley Clarke, her sister, Lorraine Whitman, their cousin Michael — the band’s highest paid councillor — and Kristen.
Wait a minute... apparently the number quoted above includes people who don't even live there.
"As chief in 2008-09, Ms. Clarke received a total tax-free compensation of about $243,000."

"Ms. Clarke runs a reserve of 87 people."
No taxes huh... wouldn't that be equivalent to a $400,000 pre-tax salary for, well... any of the rest of us chickens?