09 January 2011

That homicidal, racist George W...

...wait a minute....

A suicide bomber blew himself up in a bathhouse in a southern Afghan border town as men gathered to wash before Friday prayers, killing 17 people, a provincial official said.

A Taliban spokesman in the south, Qari Yousaf Ahmadi, said the attack targeted the second-in-command of the border patrol in the area.
Well, heck... as long as there was a good reason...


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NOW condemns the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) that stole six lives and seriously injured 12 today. We condemn, equally, the culture of hate and violence increasingly reflected in extreme right-wing opponents of those who support progressive solutions to our country's challenges.
Of course... a mentally disturbed 22 year-old with a criminal record shoots a bunch of people... and it's all about Conservatives.

Yeah, you dumbasses... let's blame Sarah Palin.


Anonymous said...

I've been interrupting chats on FB on this topic. You know how Kate screams at the radio..I'm screaming on FB.."don't let the MSM tell you what to think".
Too many followers , not enough thinkers.


Neo Conservative said...

have you seen the mugshot of the shooter from arizona?

they interviewed people from the college he was tossed from... the f@cker was batcrap crazy.

here's a thought... instead of blaming sarah palin... how about you don't let obvious psychiatric cases have guns?