06 January 2011

Living in a post 9-11 world

Fool me twice... shame on me...

- (Reuters) - Passengers aboard a Turkish Airlines flight from Oslo overpowered a would-be hijacker as the plane landed at Istanbul airport on Wednesday, fellow passengers told Turkish media.
One of the most important lessons of that tragic day in 2001, is that cooperating with hijackers is a zero-sum game. To use a crude analogy... you let them tie you up... don't be overly surprised... you get raped.

Maybe fighting back isn't always the answer, but I'm thinkin'... you're sitting in a shiny metal tube capable of sky high, near supersonic trans-oceanic travel... handing the controls over to a delusional religious zealot may indeed be asking for further trouble.

Too bad the various nations of the world don't have the stomach to agree on enacting the death penalty for hijacking... and other acts of mass terrorism.

Yeah, Peace Moonbeam... I'm lookin' at you.


Chris said...

Oh - I think that 911 provided enough evidence for everyone as to their fate.

Never again will there be passivity on a hijacked airliner. You may not live through it, but you might as well give yourself a chance.

Neo Conservative said...

"chris says... 911 provided enough evidence"

oh, i dunno about that chris. just watch cbc's national... and you'll see them peddling all sorts of fuzzy-bunny pinko malarkey.

never underestimate the clueless nature of a coddled, self-absorbed nation.