12 January 2011

Ignatieff spokesman still a little unclear...

...on how banning snowplows will reduce urban crime in Toronto...

Peter Tolias, the president of Tolias Landscaping and Plowing, the company that owns the plow, described what followed as “a two-hour rampage” through city streets before police finally cornered the driver.

Tolias said two of his employees were working beside the vehicle, a heavy duty Chevy pickup truck with an attached plow and salter, when a “guy with no shoes” jumped in and sped off.

He was barefoot and just came running and jumped in,” said Tolias, 29.

Tolias’s general manager Richard Eros used the GPS tracking system on the truck to help police trail it as it sped west, smashing into at least 15 parked cars on the way.

“He was on a two-hour rampage. Nobody could stop him,” said Tolias, adding that at one point, he almost cornered the stolen plow himself.

UPDATE: Cop-killer identified
The man who allegedly killed a police officer with a stolen snowplow has been charged with first-degree murder.

Richard Kachkar, 44 and of no fixed address, also faces two counts of attempted murder.


CanadianSense said...

Apparently the bare-foot man must belong the the tea party, listen to right wing radio shows and likes Sara Palin.

The Liberals keep telling us the right are responsible for crime.

It partly explains why at least 30 Liberal MPs fail to show up for work in Parliament to vote against the Conservative government.

(Jedi mind tricks?)

Anonymous said...

Three words.

Snow Plow Registry.

Anonymous said...

Well they're already licensed, registered, I guess now all we have to do is wait until our snowplows are confiscated. Well if they want my snowplow they'll have to remove it from my frozen frostbitten hands........
Goes to show, it's not the item that kills but it definitely is the human (criminal,nutjob) behind it...
Wish those Progressive loons would understand that.