10 January 2011

I'll tell you what, Pierre...

...you give back the guns, tanks, planes & passports... and pay off your share of the national debt... then you can go create your own country.



"You forget, we have a great deal of military here."
Two words, nonny... high... treason.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget in the negotiations us anglophones and allophones stuck here in Quebec!

Neo Conservative said...

guess i should have thrown in a (/sarc off) there, huh?

quebec doesn't negotiate... they simply expect the rest of canada (including all you anglophones & allophones) to bend over and grab their ankles.

remember... you live in the land of the language police... you're obviously already smoked.


Anonymous said...

No sarc involved neo .
As far as I am concerned there should be a referendum (voted on by all Canadians except quebec) as to if we (the ROC) want these freeloaders from quebec to remain part of OUR country on an equal basis. If not they can pi$$ of with nothing that is Canadian. I am truly tired of their bull$#it.

Rob C

Sean M said...

Well, we all live in a country of Language gestapo. The 100's of billions of dollars wasted away over the past 30-40 years on bilingualism and other blackmailed tribal pacifiers for Quebec will never be repaid. The irony of Quebec's so called desire for independence is that the country they supposedly seek independence from is a country that has distorted itself beyond recognition to cater to and pacify to every tribal whim or grievance that has come out of that Province.

CanadianSense said...

They are free to board a plane, boat and take their personal property.

Canada is not divisible. If it is so is Quebec.

St. Pierre and Miquelon are "free" for resettlement if France wants them back.

Anonymous said...

Actually, if we're going take our fair share of the national debt, then we'll also take our fair share of guns tanks gov buildings assets etc that we helped pay for, and will continue to pay for as we pay off our fair share of said national debt.

Take another hit off your bong bucko.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... will continue to pay for"

yeah, with what... those good ol "rizzuto bucks".

you guys crack me up.


Anonymous said...

what part of "our share of assets" did you not, understand?

If you think we won't have our own currency you should try taking another hit on the bong.

But then you thought you could stiff us with the debt, and what we have paid in and take all your assets home. You forget, we have a great deal of military here.

Try it.

There's your cue to mouth off.

CanadianSense said...

I am amused by the lefty in QC telling us the military in QC will side with them.

Separatists are entitled to their entitlements like the Liberals rhetoric is cute.

Is Celine going to be the Queen?

If Canada is divisible so is QC. We could build a wall around those separatists enclaves to protect their culture from the anglo threat in ROC and the US.

It would be the "progressive thing" to give large tracts of land back the aboriginals first in accordance with our treaties.

Can we start this party?

Anonymous said...

Oh you're just so SO predictable! Didn't I say it was your cue to mouth off? And you did! Oh my you're quite the little fellow to make fun of aren't you! You truly deliver on entertainment, my friend was not lying. Let's see, where were we. Oh right.

Really. mr. Neo Conservative. I have two words for you.

You dunce.

It isn't "high treason", when you are another country!

It's called "war". You know, that thing that gets you all hot and bothered. Oh you with the little gun gun and the big baaaad bullet on your webpage.

You big rebel you. Why don't you go get all sauced up with your buddies and compare bum bums. Er... Gun guns!! Be careful don't play with loaded guns now!

Thanks for the laugh!

kursk said...

What military would that be, anon.?

Surely you mean Canada's armed forces and infrastructure, which will be stripped out of Quebec faster than you could blink.

'Your' armed forces would mostly be comprised of the French Canadian loyalists in Quebec from formerly French speaking CAF regiments who would choose to resign from the CAF and join the fledgling armed forces of Quebec.

Btw, on the eve of the referendum, my regular force unit was brought up and stationed in Ottawa just in case any disloyal French Canadian units had the idea of trying to seize Canadian military assets if the Yes side had won.

Btw, you thinking your traitorous lot would leave with our assets gave me a big laugh too!

Thanks for coming out!

Mr. Neutron said...

Actually, I'd be happy to write off Quebec's share of the national debt if they would just leave. Oh and take Ontario with you.

For Western Canada just imagine. No more bilingualism, no more CBC, no more gun registry, no more Liberal Party, and all the equalization $ we send east would stay with us. We won't miss you.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny-warrior shrieks... compare bum bums"

whoa... another persuasive thesis from the always compassionate, intellectual troll-o-sphere.

this is what... some kind of quaint french pasttime... like poutine?


CanadianSense said...

It would be funny to watch the marxist-socialists take up arms in Quebec.

The War Measures Act took care of the FLQ sympathizers very quickly.

It is comical to hear him talk about his little rabble being capable of resisting the majority in QC loyal to a united Canada.

At their height the nutters could not win with a rigged question. Today these separatists are demanding money for a hockey arena.

Too funny.

Neo Conservative said...

well, folks... i'll spare you the rest of little nonny-mouse's blithering.

he's been back to the well another half dozen times... once again claiming victory over all the neo-con douchebags... because he was only kidding.

hard to tell if he actually believes what he is now saying... that he was just trying to jam up the comment thread... or whether he's once again just trying to climb down from his idiocy.

and again... thank you comment moderation.


CanadianSense said...

nonny is probably frustrated his Liberals are going to revisit the John Turner era (40 seats) or his hope for a return of Joe Clark have been crushed.

His rants about QC separatists will stand up and fight was funny. With Liberals and BQ imploding it must be difficult.

The loss of the gravy train might be too much for him to accept. No HST payout and no arena. Sacré bleu!