14 January 2011

Dear Toronto Red Star

Here's the thing... even supposing you could cobble together a time machine, travel back to 1929... and smother little Gaston Glock in his crib... let's be honest... it wouldn't actually make a single iota of difference in terms of saving human lives, would it?

Surely you can't be postulating that this inanimate hunk of metal & molded polymer has some sort of dark, magical powers? So, let me ask... what exactly are you trying to accomplish here?

Pencils, pens... or even bleeding edge laptop computers... do not write lyrical poetry. Parachutes... even negligently packed... do not smash the life out of innocent, random people. Cars... even rip-snorting 400 horsepower street racers... do not chase down pedestrians like panicked bunnies... and guns... even the dark & dastardly Glock... do not foment murder.

So instead of trying to divert all the attention here to an inanimate object... be it a length of pipe, a snowplow, or yes... even a handgun... perhaps you could explain, how not discussing letting obviously mentally defective people with flagrantly violent ideation carom consequence-free throughout the larger field of folk is some sort of inconsequential side-issue.

There was, as in most of these spree-killing tragedies, plenty of red flags here.

This isn't on Gaston Glock or his pistol. Wake up and smell the crazy.


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“I saw Goody Proctor with the devil! Oh, I mean Jared Lee Loughner! Yes him. With the devil!”

LAST WORD: I blame Sarah Palin...

...wait a minute...
"I have a Glock 9-millimeter, and I'm a pretty good shot," Giffords said in dismissing the threats.
Hey, Gabby... way to tone down the rhetoric.