14 January 2011

Dear Toronto Red Star

Here's the thing... even supposing you could cobble together a time machine, travel back to 1929... and smother little Gaston Glock in his crib... let's be honest... it wouldn't actually make a single iota of difference in terms of saving human lives, would it?

Surely you can't be postulating that this inanimate hunk of metal & molded polymer has some sort of dark, magical powers? So, let me ask... what exactly are you trying to accomplish here?

Pencils, pens... or even bleeding edge laptop computers... do not write lyrical poetry. Parachutes... even negligently packed... do not smash the life out of innocent, random people. Cars... even rip-snorting 400 horsepower street racers... do not chase down pedestrians like panicked bunnies... and guns... even the dark & dastardly Glock... do not foment murder.

So instead of trying to divert all the attention here to an inanimate object... be it a length of pipe, a snowplow, or yes... even a handgun... perhaps you could explain, how not discussing letting obviously mentally defective people with flagrantly violent ideation carom consequence-free throughout the larger field of folk is some sort of inconsequential side-issue.

There was, as in most of these spree-killing tragedies, plenty of red flags here.

This isn't on Gaston Glock or his pistol. Wake up and smell the crazy.


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“I saw Goody Proctor with the devil! Oh, I mean Jared Lee Loughner! Yes him. With the devil!”

LAST WORD: I blame Sarah Palin...

...wait a minute...
"I have a Glock 9-millimeter, and I'm a pretty good shot," Giffords said in dismissing the threats.
Hey, Gabby... way to tone down the rhetoric.


MONSTER said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

No firearm hss ever been arrested, charged, tried and convicted of a gun crime. What else does The Toronto Star need to know?

langmann said...

The Dumbos that wrote the article have no idea. They claim america was a revolver culture before the Glock.

They've never heard of the 1911... its amazing how stupid they are.

Chris said...

Its actually more than that. Every time there is a shooting that saves a slow news cycle, there are the standard "ban guns" stories that are written, edited, printed and taped up to the cubicle.

Its a sure fire way to elicit attention and response from those who think any such bans are rediculous. Those responses are culled until the truly looney are selected and printed in the Op-Ed pages. Posting an extreme 'pro-gun' letter will then elicit a whole new round of response from the nannies.

Its predictable, tired and unoriginal. It also sells papers and gives reporters and editors fodder for days. These stories are also incredibly easy to write (hell, they can just go and reprint the last one they did).

While the Star can point fingers at others - they are taking as much advantage of this story as any politico.

Neo Conservative said...

I guess we're just lucky they didn't try to photoshop in a bazooka... or a couple of hand grenades.


newcenturion said...

More media gun control bullshit. Revolver culture? Where do these guys get their "facts"? What does Glock have to do with the shooting? Did the media make a big deal about the FN 5.7 when Major Muslim shot up the US army base?

Anonymous said...

a bazooka?

Well there's a good reason why we gotta spend BILLIONS in building new superjails eh!

That'll make it go away!

Bob Devine said...

The more things change the more they stay the same. This debate will never end so I leave you with the words on a bumper sticker I had on my stationwagon back in the mid 60s.
When Guns Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have Guns.

Norm said...

Please note: per the MSM EVERYONE in the USA is armed. Except for the folks targeted by mass murderes and serial killers (on occassion one does hear of the targets returning fire but one does not know of it from the MSM) and, of course, all the folks one meets on holidays in the USA.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon whines... building new superjails"

i agree nonny. instead of spending money to pamper violent cons... let's just keep piling them up... double & triple-bunking the scummers.

maybe they'll actually learn a lesson if jail doesn't turn out to be such a soft landing.