24 January 2011

Yeah... there's just that one small wrinkle...

...they still have to iron out...

"However, the two sides still have to work out issues involving borders, waters, oil revenue, and the fate of the oil-producing Abyei region."
Meanwhile... in other "man's inhumanity to men" news...
An explosion occurred this afternoon at Moscow's international Domodedovo Airport, with reports of at least 35 dead and some 130 injured. Of the injured, 20 are said to be in serious condition.

Witnesses say that in the international arrivals baggage area two suicide bombers set off the explosion. Afterwards there was heavy smoke in the airport. The head of an Arabic man was found in the blast area.

The blast is said to have been equivalent to 7 kilograms of TNT.
I blame Sarah Palin.


bertie said...

Wrong,Mike Harris.

Neo Conservative said...

heck, no biggie... those spree-shootin' lunatics & suicide bombers... they're all just nasty knuckle-draggin' tea-partiers anyway, right?

ever since dick cheney & the mossad brought down the twin towers... i just lump 'em all together.


Lynn said...

Didn't Palin once say,"I can see Russia exploding from my house"?

The 99% figure from the Sudanese election has to be suspect unless they're the most "solidarity forever" bunch in human history.

Geez,even the Quebec Liberals know better than to have ALL the people in the graveyards vote Liberal!

It's enough to make a guy cynical.