26 January 2011

Emperor Gilles I...

...commences Operation "Kick Myself in the Face"...no to blackmail**********

UPDATE: The National Post weighs in

"Needless to say, Mr. Harper should say no. This will cost him seats in Quebec, but very likely win him just as many in the rest of Canada -- especially if Michael Ignatieff or Jack Layton give any measure of lip service to Mr. Duceppe's stunt."

"If the Liberals or NDP want to be the party willing to do anything to scratch together votes in Quebec, Mr. Harper should let them."
Looks like Iggy's gonna bite.


Anonymous said...

I love it. Let have an election.

robins111 said...

Hey Vinny dis looks like a fire trap to me..

Any where else in Canada this would be called extortion.

Michael Harkov said...

Gimme gimme gimme. Go piss up a rope ya traitor.

Anonymous said...

People wonder why I want the freeloading quebec SOB's voted out of Confederation.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Just imagine what would happen if there was a coalition with the Block ... it would be Quebec blackmail from day 1 until the coalition disintegrated.

The Grey Lady said...

Ya and on the streets it would be called a whore naming it's price.

maryT said...

Bring on the election, I would love to see the PM get a majority with only about 10 seats in Quebec.
The Bloc and ndp can't blackmail the rest of Canada anymore.
They want to separate, let them. I wonder how many bloc voters really want to leave Canada, and how many vote for the gravy train. They want more in equalization, I say, stop all equalization pymts to Quebec. They don't appreciate it. They just want more.
Just once I would like them to say Thank you for our cheap day care, tax breaks and social programs.

Anonymous said...

a political party, pulling stunts to get votes.

Yeah Harper would never stoop to that.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny bleats... pulling stunts to get votes"

hmmm... five billion dollar blackmail threat... and that's just a stunt?

no wonder you're good with the thought of the iggy fiberals pulling on the levers of power.

long live the sheeple, huh?