11 January 2011

In other Toronto Bomb Squad news...

Police are investigating suspicious packages left on a busy sidewalk outside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and just steps away from the Toronto offices of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

Two black suitcases and a yellow pail were left beside a green car parked on Front Street West on Tuesday morning. Keys were left in the car’s ignition.

UPDATE: 13:15... not a live bomb
Police investigating suspicious packages left near the Toronto offices of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service say the scare was a false alarm.

The scenario of a possible bomb attack, or a dry run, is made more plausible by the fact that the suspicious suitcases were found outside Toronto’s CSIS offices – which have been targeted by terrorists before.


Rich said...

The reporter seems oblivious to the importance of a possible "Dry Run" scenario as indicated by the title of the article "Bomb scare near CSIS a false alarm, Toronto Police say" .
"Nothing to see here folks....move along.....all is well" is hardly the message I got from this event.

Neo Conservative said...

in dalton mcguinty's fuzzy-bunny socialist paradise... there's no such thing as a bad boy anymore.