14 January 2011

Remember when you were a kid...

...the cops pulled you over... it was time to go absolutely apeshit and start a knockdown, drag 'em out brawl?

-- Yeah... me neither. --


Bert said...

Just wait for all of the people to come out of the woodwork saying what a nice boy he was.

Frances said...

Back in the dark ages, in my small town, the local constabulary (to be accurate, RCMP) were actively involved in the community. There's a good story in our family about same, details of which I am not about to share. But there are other family stories about interactions with the local constabulary; the family won (think of how many streets in Canada where it is formully mandated that one can park on the uphill side, facing out, even if that's the 'wrong way').

Neo Conservative said...

"bert says... saying what a nice boy he was"

no such thing as a bad boy anymore, bert.

it's like the deranged f@cker who killed the cop in toronto the other day.

apparently he owned some tiny derelict shop in st catharines which he bought for $30,000. it didn't have electricity, heat or running water... but that didn't stop the toronto "red star" from writing an article referring to this nutbag as "an aspiring entrepreneur".