05 May 2010

Grateful Greeks breathe sigh of relief...

...as EU saves country from total bankrup... wait a minute...They're burning people to death?

Masked youths threw hurled paving stones and Molotov cocktails at police, who responded with heavy use of tear gas.

Protestors shouted “Murderers” and “Burn the parliament," as the public anger overflowed at the government’s plans for painful wage and pension cutbacks.
Who are these freaks?


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Anonymous said...

The same type of people who would riot here in Quebec if they are told they must cut government spending by a third. They are out in the street all the time for much less here.

Anonymous said...

"Responded with heavy use of tear gas'. I would suggest a response with rubber bullets so the clown can look at the bruise in the mirror the next day and wonder WTF did I do that for

Rob C

Powell lucas said...

It's time to cut to the chase on this Greek debacle. Greece was only partially bailed out by the EU. A good portion of the money came from the IMF which is funded by many countries including Canada. Therefore Canadian taxes are going to an organization that bails out a nation that pays 14 month's wages for 12 month's work; that provides its citizens the right to retire in their early fifties on full pension. How many Canadians get a deal like that?

Today the head of the EU criticized Canada for not wanting to tax bank transactions. Why do they want to tax bank transactions? The EU claims it is to cover any future bank failures. Horse Hockey! In other words, since banks will simply pass on the additional taxes to their customers, they are proposing that the average guy purchase insurance for the banks. Not only that, but the excuse given by the EU is such a transparent load of crap that I am surprised they think everyone will fall for it. The EU knows full well that the repayment rate for IMF and international loans is about 50% and, since much of the Greek debt is held by European banks, when Greece fails to repay the debt these banks could be in deep trouble. So the intent of this tax scheme is to have Canadians and others pony up to keep these European banks afloat.

To add insult to injury, these socialist clowns at the EU want Canada to rush ahead with actions to combat the phony climate change (see AGW) scam. Again, why? They are pushing for this because they see the climate change farce falling apart before their eyes and they want to be able to tell their citizens that they weren't the only ones suckered in to this con game. If they can get Canada or the U.S. on board they can claim that: "We weren't the only ones that got duped."

The EU is governed by a bunch of leftist, professional bureaucrats who are probably, like Al Gore, are up to their eyeballs in carbon credit companies and who have messed up their economies so badly that they now want the rest of the western world to pay for their mistakes so they can keep right on with their social engineering nonsense without missing a beat.

To the EU and the UN I say...GET STUFFED! Pay for your own folly.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the news about having to cut one third of government spending hasn't yet been announced. They were only rioting because, for one thing, they will no longer get bonus pay for showing up to work on time.

Imagine what will happen when the real extent of the cuts to come hits.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... the real extent of the cuts"

well... they already burned three bank employees to death... not sure i wanna see what comes next.


Hoarfrost said...

The local CTV news in Toronto interviewed the Greek citizen's on the street. They echoed the previous comments on this blog against the entitled who are rioting.

The Greek Civil War of the late forties isn't over yet. The communists in Greece still want their cake and eat it too.

We are in a similar battle here but it hasn't gone as far as in Europe. The entitled elite in Europe are the civil service bureaucrats who are tearing down the fabric of society in the socialist model. We must end featherbedding by the civil service in this country.

If you think that the Auto industry is to big to fail then what about the Public Service Unions and their demands. We must stop them in their tracks or it will be the ruin of us all.

JA Goneaux said...

You want scary, look for "unfunded public sector pensions" on The Google.

You think California is a basket case now...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... 'unfunded public sector pensions'"

don't you worry, james... apparently president mcdreamy has a solution.