31 March 2010

From the guy who brought you...

..."Why, oh why... can't we rise above the politics of personal insult in Parliament?"...

Michael Ignatieff launched an aggressive attack on status of women minister Helena Guergis today, saying that she’s a liar and doesn’t deserve to be in cabinet.
Nice. You kiss Ralph Goodale with that mouth?


"Maybe she should take Iggy to the HRC, she was insulted, called a liar with no proof. If a lesbian can be insulted by a comics remarks, why not a Minister of the Crown."

"And she should hire Ezra to take it on."


Alberta Girl said...

Now, Now - don't you know that it doesn't count if it is a "Liberal" doing the insulting...it only applies to Conservatives.

langmann said...

Still its time to get rid of Guergis.

But yeah, remember all those times people poked at Princess Belinda (Stronach) and we had to suffer all those pundit articles on how women MPs that happen to be assertive are treated differently from men.

maryT said...

He said that outside of the HofC so is not protected from a lawsuit.
But the good thing about his stmt is that from now on when anyone says or writes anything positive re Iggy or the liberals we will know they are lying. Was Fowler lying when he dissed the liberals and the conservatives.
Notice he was MIA in the HofC today, again. Thought he wanted to get back to work. Does he know a lot of libs want him to resign also. Maybe he and Helena could issue a joint statement.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... Still its time to get rid of Guergis."

no argument there... just pointing out iggy's hypocrisy.


Anonymous said...

It's a sad day for liberals when they have to have Iggy attack a conservative junior minister with this tiffle. All the same something has to be done with the troubling twosome before they bring us down. (real conservative)

AEK said...

maryT said...

"He said that outside of the HofC so is not protected from a lawsuit."

Iggy must have blown his mind at his Thinker's Conference.

He may now be stuck with two unsavory options: A public apology to Ms. Guergis, or an expensive lawsuit and all the bad publicity that goes with it.

Brian Busby said...

Two points:

1) Mr Ignatieff made an accusation, not a personal insult.

2) His words were spoken outside the House of Commons.

Bring on the lawsuit, Ms Guergis!

Neo Conservative said...

"brian says... Bring on the lawsuit, Ms Guergis!"

wouldn't that just ice iggy's cake?


maryT said...

Maybe she should take iggy to the HRC, she was insulted, called a liar with no proof. If a lesbian can be insulted by a comics remarks, why not a Minister of the Crown.
And she should hire Ezra to take it on.
I am positive that within a few days there will be many examples of so called non political letters and articles, and exposed as written by staffers of liberals. Remember Sakamoto and H1N1.

Michael Harkov said...

Well, when the Liberls have absolutley nothing else, especially in light of this -




- can you REALLY blame them for striving mightily to find something, ANYTHING, to try and make stick? :D

Michael Harkov said...

Canada's economy grew at the fastest pace in three years in January, capping a month of signals that the country—unlike its southern neighbor—is well on its way to recovery.

Gross domestic product rose 0.6% to $1.22 trillion Canadian dollars (US$1.20 trillion) in January, its fifth consecutive monthly increase, on strength in manufacturing, construction and wholesale trade, Statistics Canada said. The rise was greater than expected, prompting many economists to estimate that GDP grew between 5%.....


An election? Oh yeah - BRING IT ON!!

Brian Busby said...

A lot of fantasizing going on here, much of it based on the oft-repeated claim that Mr Ignatieff insulted Ms Guergis. Again, the Liberal leader's words amount to an accusation, and fall outside the purview of the HRC.

In what alternate universe, i wonder, would a lawsuit brought forward by Ms Guergis lead her "to take a drug test" as part of discovery? And her husband, too? Liberal supporter, surely, you jest.

That said, I think it would be most interesting to hear what Ms Knight and Ms Craven have to say in a court of law.

Anonymous said...

Somebody at the CBC should ask Mark Sakamoto for his thoughts on this subject.

Michael Harkov said...

The Liberal ordered stimulus package worked!

About as well as the Conservative implemented one.

maryT said...

If she sued Iggy, he would be the defendant and would have to present
his evidence at discovery. I know it is outside of the HRC but with all the talk of free speech, I would love to have Iggy say he was just exercising his right to free speech.
I wonder what possessed him to say that. Must be upset that Hillory did not make the PM melt with her charm.
How many times has Canada asked other UN nations for more troops or help and were refused.

Anonymous said...

Svend Robinson was actually a Convicted thief for stealing an item worth about $60'000.00 , then Jack Layton embraced Svend to run for the NDP in B.C. .

Anonymous said...

Who is checking into 'letters to the editor'?
The libs have their 'watchdogs' in place?
Just how many times has CBC or CTV asked their 'experts' for an opinion without declaring their connection to the Lib party. Now the Libs want to make a big deal about Letters to the editor?