26 February 2009

Chalk up another victory...

...for Toronto's infamous "code of silence"...

It was one of the most brazen, shocking execution-style murders this city has ever seen.

And now it looks like both suspects are about to walk free.

UPDATE: Who's actually to blame here?
Cuff's lawyer, John Struthers, praised the Crown's "courage" for withdrawing the charges.

"They were having difficulty with the witnesses ... There is fear and people live by the code, not co-operating with police," Struthers said. "They did the right thing."
The shooter was black... the victim was black... the recalcitrant witnesses were black... but apparently it's all about scary, racist Canada....
Outside court, Mohamed Gilao, spokesman for the victim's family, said "we feel unsafe in Canada," alleged racism against blacks and vowed the Somalian community is "going to fight back."
Well that's great news... I guess we're gonna get to see the Somali version of the Hatfields & the McCoys.


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...in enabling murder...
Reza Talebi and Francisco Gellibert, who operated the club at 1806 Weston Rd., were the two witnesses who testified. They said they knew Badiru and saw him pull the trigger in the early morning of June 3, 2006. Their evidence was the basis of the Crown's case against the accused.

Homicide Det.—Sgt. Gary Giroux said the two witnesses were strangers to the victim, but still testified.


mauser98 said...

How is this possible? so called Mayor Miller shut down gun clubs. why was the weapon(s) not registered to help the police solve the crime? Allan Rock and Miller could not be wrong.

Neo Conservative said...

i guess "his blondeness" hasn't made the distinction between owning a firearm... and actually shooting someone with a firearm.

but hey... it seems to play just fine in the toronto star.