07 December 2009

Defending the franchise

Geez, Dawg... if you can't stand the heat... maybe you should stay outta the cesspool.


mahmood said...

Wow, that crank should have stuck to reading poetry at the Cesspool before throwing-up that Dawg's breakfast in a national newspaper...I'm almost embarrassed for him.

robins111 said...

You appear to have got libby in an uproar Neo.

Poor doggy, here's a bone...

Libby, does the truth hurt your pansy little self?

langmann said...

Unike Dr. Dawg, I earned a PhD in the sciences. During that time I was amazed by the number of socialists in that area of academia. They were highly political and expressed a lot of hatred for anything right wing or libertarian.

They ate up the theory of anthropogenic global warming because it closely aligned with their ideals of world government by their type of elite thinkers, and their mistrust of the manufacturing and economic world that provided them with so much security and easy lifestyle.

langmann said...

Sorry to dp, Neo but I think this story is relevant:

I remember the day that Craig Venter created a PRIVATE company and sequenced the entire human genome. Some background may be needed here, Venter was upset that the public system was slowly plodding along at sequencing the human genome and was also upset that he couldn't get public financing for his method. His company through private investment sequenced the entire genome long before the public system did.

Venter released the entire sequence available for free at no charge.

People in academia were furious. I remember those around me being so angry with this guy who had gone outside of the public system to seqence the human genome. They were even more upset that he was successful.

I remember arguing that this would no doubt advance science. No one cared. You see these scientists were very political and it infuriated them that someone hadn't played by their rules.

Neo Conservative said...

unlike dawg... actual science doesn't have an agenda.

but hey... we all knew he just couldn't leave this one alone.